person-of-street-view-symbol_318-1051If it isn’t About you – do you really have time for it?
WE think not.

Qui Entertainment Forums is a place where information is exchanged. It’s not a free for all to post any old thing, however, if we hear of a gig-to-be had, or get a word/email or text that needs mass spreading to expose artists and opportunity — you can bet your sweet bottom we’re going to post it.

Now we can’t be everywhere at all times so feel free to chime in and email us your gig announcements and artist opportunities to: QuiEntertainment@gmail.com. Be sure to mention if the opportunity offers any type of compensation (film credit, stipend, etc.)

Qui Entertainment Forums is all about you and opportunity. Go for it. Get connected. Foster your craft. Network.

5-4-3-2-1, Action!
Let’s get to it…


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